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WebCoffer 1.0 What is WebCofferWebCoffer is a really trustworthy...

WebCoffer 1. 0 What is WebCofferWebCoffer is a really trustworthy data-coffer that helps you keep any business and private important data safe and secure, these data include your contacts, notes, private diary, passwords, bank accounts, confidential documents, personal albums and more.

WebCoffer organize all these data and keep it never be lost, be stole or be cracked. WebCoffer is used in conjunction with a Web Service (quot;WebCofferServicequot;) provided by TrustWebServices, all data is secured through strong encryption using your Data Password and is safely transmitted; WebCoffer and WebCofferService provide a trustworthy mechanism to ensure these data can only be accessed by yourself.

Why we need a webcoffer 1. REALLY SAFE When we store any business and private important data on our PC or disks, it is unsafe. the dangers come from anyone who can touch the PC or disks, unauthorized access through network, computer virus, back door in system like quot;Trojan horsequot;, undetected spy or hacker and more, even if we use some encrypt-tools to encrypt it, it may be stole and be cracked.

we need a really safe place to preserve our business and private important data, just like a safe box in the bank. 2. NEVER LOSE The quot;Never Losequot; is another basic demand for the important data, some data is so important for us that we don`t want to lose it anytime.

the data that we store on the PC or disks may be overwritten or be erased by mistake, the computer`s hardware may be damaged, the system of the computer may collapse.

A really safe place on the world is needed that where we can preserve our data forever. 3. ORGANIZED We need a tool that can helps us organize and manage all important data, thus, when we need these data, we can find it conveniently, no longer need to search in our PC or numerous disks.

4. CONVENIENT In addition, when we come to one new place (like customer`s office) temporarily, we can use the tool to get our important data safely from WebCofferService through internet, in other words, WebCoffer can help us safely get our important data anywhere and anytime.

Why webcoffer is safe and secure WebCoffer and WebCofferService provide a trustworthy mechanism to protect your data, this mechanism keeps the data really safe and secure with industry advanced encryption and to be safely transmitted, ensure these import.

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